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China's banks remain robust amid pandemic

China's banking system has remained robust after two years of reform and risk reduction efforts and can handle bad debt increases brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is unreasonable for western media to allege that rising debt would collapse China's banks, which have taken fewer hits when compared to US banks.
Source: 2020/4/14 6:00:27

Shifting production out of China would be a big mistake for US, Japanese companies

Recent reports about the US and Japanese governments' campaign to pay their firms to leave China as part of a coronavirus stimulus plan have raised broad concerns about further interruption to the global industrial chain and sabotage of the global economic recovery from the pandemic.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/13 22:32:25

China's prudent policy easing VS the US' unlimited QE: which one is better?

As countries and regions are rolling out both fiscal and monetary policies aiming to cope with the fallout of the novel coronavirus pandemic. China and the US have shown quite differences with the US launched unlimited quantitative easing (QE) which would be less effective than China's policy easing.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/13 22:32:20

Market volatility to ease amid containment efforts

With the coronavirus pandemic stoking unprecedented volatility across varying asset classes globally, a galaxy of investors has lately felt at sea with future directions. Hard-won life lessons of Wall Street influencer Stephen A. Schwarzman (Schwarzman) therefore instantly seem to be a beacon of hope.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/11 3:18:40

5.6% growth amid virus uncertainty not best option for China

To guarantee pre-set social development goals, China needs to reach GDP growth of 5.6 percent or higher in 2020. However, as global economic uncertainty related to the coronavirus remains high, it may not be the best option for China, which is deeply involved in economic globalization, to strain to achieve that goal.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/10 21:34:25

Former World Bank's country director for China discusses possible US renege on China debt

As the coronavirus pandemic rips through countries, major economies experienced a significant recession for the first quarter - estimated from negative 3 to negative 10 percent. In an exclusive interview with Global Times (GT), reporter Bai Yunyi talked with Yukon Huang (Huang), a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) and former World Bank country director. Huang shared his thoughts on how COVID-19 could affect China-US relations and the global political and economic landscape.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/10 18:23:40

China needs stimulus based on innovative theory

To secure the pre-set social development goals to build a moderately prosperous society this year despite the temporary setback of the coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial for China to set a proper economic growth target and a feasible and efficient policy package backed up by an innovation-based framework.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/8 21:21:53

Luckin case may damage other US-listed firms

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, listed Chinese companies are facing another heavy blow dealt by the accounting scandal at Luckin Coffee. Coming at a sensitive time, with global markets fluctuating sharply amid the coronavirus crisis, the Luckin case may become the rotten apple that spoils the barrel - with the credibility of all listed Chinese companies as collateral damage.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/7 23:03:40

China still needs to hold US Treasury debt

There has been no short of calls for sell-off of US Treasuries in China over the past decade, but such a decision should by no means be a political one.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/6 20:08:41

China still needs to hold onto US Treasuries

There has been no short of calls for sell-off of US Treasuries in China over the past decade, but such a decision should by no means be a political one.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/4 15:12:27

Chinese labor unrelated to BRI delays

There have been some voices from the Western world claiming the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects have been halted for involving a high proportion of Chinese employees, implying fears that Chinese workers with the coronavirus have curtailed BRI progress.
Source: Global Times 2020/4/2 17:48:40

Wuhan story might prove Trump is right about reopening economy - partially

Wuhan, which has started to reopen its economy, has shown that the process to restart the economy requires a lot of preparation and a coordinated plan. If Trump wants a speedy recovery for the US economy, he needs to pay attention to what's happening in Wuhan and get some pointers now, if he hasn't already.
Source: 2020/4/2 3:11:06

China needs to manage quality of exported medical supplies

The Netherlands heath authorities have reportedly recalled 600,000 substandard masks imported from China. Soon after, Spain claimed coronavirus test kits purchased from China were defective. The two incidents were highly politicized by some media, which claimed China is using the pandemic as an opportunity to engage in mask diplomacy while countries are in need.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/31 21:38:40

India needs to ramp up preparations to stem COVID-19 assault

Many have noted that it's probably a matter of time before COVID-19 sweeps across India, despite its 21-day national lockdown.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/31 15:11:38

Global trading system must be maintained amid COVID-19 pandemic

While China has taken the lead in reining in the coronavirus pandemic and is steering toward restoring normalcy, the global spread of the virus is escalating day by day.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/26 14:39:36

Fed focuses on short term, disregards long-term effects

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) on Sunday announced an interest rate cut and quantitative easing (QE) program, which shocked global markets.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/17 22:23:11

US COVID-19 emergency plan not too late

US President Donald Trump recently declared a national emergency in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) during a White House press conference. The widely expected move to prevent the spread of the virus in the country invoked powers granted under the Stafford Act to allow substantially increased federal aid to states and local governments.
Source: Global Times 2020/3/17 0:23:40

China's 6 pct growth goal for 2020 remains the same

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), media have expressed concern over the Chinese economy. COVID-19 may impact the domestic economy, but its fundamentals will remain unchanged. The engines that drive the domestic economy are just as powerful before the outbreak. The country will not have a problem achieving a 6 percent GDP growth in 2020.
Source: 2020/3/16 1:14:29

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